About Hands of Action Uganda

Hands of Action Uganda
is a not-for-profit registered Community Based Organization (CBO), formerly Randa United Farmer’s Group (RUFG) which was created by a group of men and women farmers in Bududa district, Eastern Uganda, dedicated to promote and empower rural communities out of poverty, help HIV/AIDS affected and infected people, and to be the most competent and effective organization in providing services to alleviate mass suffering through the care and support of children, widows, orphans, and the disabled. The benefits provided by Hands of Action Uganda are not limited to the membership.

Our Mission
Hands of Action Uganda’s mission is to help the rural communities of the area improve their lives and prospects by mobilizing them to directly participate in initiatives and activities aimed at significantly improving their circumstances, both now and in the future.

Our Vision
Hands of Action Uganda’s vision are working to eliminate injustices of abject poverty that are persistent generation after generation.   Poverty is the root cause of injustices of suffering and vulnerability in our rural communities, as people cannot afford the basic needs of life.

Community Beneficiaries
A great number of our target population are people who were displaced from their homes by the long-running civil strife and conflict in Northern Uganda (a war that’s been ongoing for 22 years), and who now live in appalling poverty.  Others are refuges from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, the violent election of 2009, and the landslides of 1994-2010 which claimed over 350 lives on 2 March 2010 in our operation area. Most are total illiterates, and have never seen the inside of a classroom in their lifetimes. They need support to recover.

robertHIV/AIDS is a present and ongoing threat, causing enormous suffering, and giving rise to over 2,000 orphans in our working area in Bududa and Mbale District. Most of these are left to suffer without proper guidance and care.

People in these communities have little or no access to basic infrastructure or services such as education, health facilities, water and sanitation, or training in income-generating projects.

Many children living in conditions of appalling poverty will not receive education to change their lives, yet we believe lack of education is the root cause of poverty. Many others become ill or die due to poor water and sanitation. Hunger and poverty will persist while HIV/AIDS continues rising, as will domestic violence and abuse.

Our programs target the Bududa District, which has 146,000 people through our targeted interventions, our communities benefit from all the advantages that the programs bestow, enabling the people to go on and take their opportunities to improve their personal lives, to contribute to development of their communities, their country and take the rightful place in the world at large.

Our Financial Resources
Our financial sources are locally solicited through membership contribution, and are limited and sporadic simply because we are a grass roots organization working with very poor people. It is for this reason that we are earnestly seeking for helping hands and support from International Partnership Frameworks and persons who have hearts for development of others for the sake of improving humanity.

We believe that if you saved the life of a single person, it is as if you have saved the life of the whole mankind.

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  1. Khaukha says:

    That is wonderful work Moses

  2. Jennifer Ochwo says:

    Great work Moses and thanks for the initiative. Keep the candle burning

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