Children’s Art Project

Zebras Eating Grass

Ridealist organizes Children’s Art Project and Exhibition in Bududa District

Step into a world of lush trees heavy with fruit and zebras grazing under green trees.  Where men herd cows, women tend gardens and children jump rope in schoolyards.  There are tables of food, and homes busy with people cooking, working and playing.  This is Uganda through the eyes of our children.

Here in Bududa District, we are very excited about the Children’s Art Project, a recent effort to raise funds and awareness for the people of our villages.  Hundreds of school children in four schools have been drawing pictures of their homes, families, and daily life.

The project is the brainstorm of Chris Gelken at Ridealist, a Hong Kong based media company.  Chris first proposed the project in September 2011, and sought donations via various social media outlets.  Thanks to a generous first donation from Simon P’ng of Malaysia, we were able to purchase art materials and begin the project.

Our volunteers and teachers worked closely with the children to produce over 600 drawings on several topics, such as women working, family life, and Ugandan animals.  The results are unique and charming!

“Sending art of Ugandan Child to Hong Kong is a pleasure to me because when such are exhibited abroad the people who see the pictures get an impression of what is happening in Uganda. I also feel that a Ugandan child artist can feel proud of his/her exposure abroad. This can also create good relationship between Uganda, China and Hong Kong,” says Teacher Namahumba Deogratious of Bukari Primary School.

Ridealist is busy preparing the drawings for online viewing and will frame 30 to 40 drawings for a gallery exhibition.   Drawings will be auctioned, and resulting funds will be donated to our schools.

But for the children, this is a special chance to show the world who they are and how they live.

Wamono Sam, a 16 year old orphan says, “… I feel very happy and I take this opportunity to thank Mukhobeh Moses K. the director of Hands of Action for partnering with Ridealist of Hong Kong and to introducing us over there, so that people can know about our natural talents especially me. And I think ART is becoming number one world subject because in Africa every school is doing it.”

If you would like to help with a donation, please look for the orange donation box on Ridealist’s blog.

Click here for a preview of things to come!

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