Famine knows no border

Another Painful Famine and Poverty attacks Africa!

There is hunger once again.
The worst famine in recent memory has gripped regions in Somalia, producing another painful humanitarian crisis in Africa.  According to the United Nations, tens of thousands of Somalis, mostly children and women, have already died.  And an estimated 3.7 million people – more than half the population of Somalia – could starve to death.

Famine and drought does not stop at the Somalia border.  Our area in Eastern Uganda (Bududa),  Northern Uganda and other parts of Uganda are already seeing victims of this painful famine crisis.  Widespread drought is contributing to the suffering of people region wide, drying up crops and contributing to food shortages.

Climate change is real
According to the UN World Food Program (WFP), the drought is a result of climate change, which is altering weather patterns in the sub-Saharan region.  And to complicate matters, the small food crops produced in Uganda have been sold at inflated prices to neighboring countries of Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, leaving little for Ugandan citizens.  The result is the highest malnutrition rates in Uganda for children under 5 years.  They need luck to find food to eat.

A catastrophe looms
Unless relief is urgently provided in the next few months – before the new harvest – there is going to be a catastrophe right here in Bududa, Uganda.

Hands of Action Uganda has 180 children who we are looking after.   We are facing a huge challenge to feed them, with the skyrocketing prices for food due to the inflation sweeping across Uganda.

Do you know that you can feed our 180 orphan children for an entire week for only $80 – $100?  Please contact us to find out how you can help save these innocent fatherless and motherless children.

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