Helping Hands send a sewing machine, books and training


Five people in our community have trained to use the sewing machine sent to us by Corazon Ringmaster


We are grateful for these gifts from our friends


Thank you, friends from around the world, who have helped us in so many ways!  Here are more stories about those who have reached out to donate needed items to our orphanage and community.

Thank you, Corazon Ringmaster, for sending this sewing machine!

We are grateful to receive this sewing machine from our friend Corazon Ringmaster.   Since receiving it, three women and two men have already trained on it. The sewing machine will be used for making and repairing children’s clothing.  Hands of Action Uganda is now seeking funds to buy material, thread, etc., so that clothing can be made for the orphanage. We also look forward to developing women’s sewing as self sustenance business projects.


Mr. Khaukha Lawrence, Librarian, receiving a book given to us by Professor Kate Parry from Hunter College, CUNY, New York


Books for the Library
Many thanks to our friend Professor Kate Parry from Hunter College, CUNY New York, for the advice on how to run a community library and donation of books.  Professor Parry teaches English at Hunter College and is Chair of the Board at the Uganda Community Libraries Association.   We also thank Under the Reading Tree from Canada for supporting us with wages of our part time librarian and for books.  We are also grateful for the Osu Children’s Library Fund for providing us with books.

David Tye of Trees for the Future demonstrates methods to terrace a slope


Good environment is the backbone of Uganda
We thank the organization Trees for the Future and David Tye from the United States for their continued support and training in Agro-forestry, soil erosion control training, and providing us with different types of tree species for the community.  Trees for the Future came to us after a terrible landslide killed several hundred people in Bududa District.   David Tye helped our farmers with training in terracing and tree planting in the continuing struggle to farm on steep slopes.

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