Helping Hands – Friends send food

Food has arrived for little Maureen, who is just 1 1/2 years old. Thank you Rachel Caddell and Hannah Daltrop of Canada!


For I was hungry and you fed me

We send love and thanks to our special friends who have heard our cry for help and have sent us much needed donations of food.  They gave what they could spare to help the orphans here.
Hands of Action Uganda has 180 children who we are caring for, and more come every week. We have been challenged recently by serious food shortages brought on by drought and inflation of food prices. Our sincerest thanks goes to Jennifer Karina Anderson, Deb McGregor, Hannah Daltrop, Rachel Caddell and Ann Rich, who all have gone without and left their own stomachs empty to donate food to the needy here in Bududa!

The children celebrate food received from Hannah and Rachel

Beans sent to us by Hannah Daltrop

Maize and beans feed a multitude
Hannah Daltrop and Rachel Caddell of Canada saved us from hunger by sending maize, beans, and special treats, such as baked muffins and drinks, which the children enjoyed very much.  The arrival of food was a happy occasion, and the children felt stronger after eating.

Hannah and Rachel have sent us food, as well as important items, like building materials and balls to play soccer and netball, so the children build healthy bodies.


Ann Rich holds another fundraiser event to raise money for Ugandan orphanages, including ours

Fundraising with love
Mother Ann Rich has traveled several times to Uganda.  We were so happy when she visited us in Bududa. She has been to other orphanages as well and has written a book, Mother Ann,  about her experiences.  Ann holds fundraising events in her community, selling items and holding raffles to raise money for us.

“I have been helping in Uganda now for over 6 years,” writes Ann, “I was so impressed … I went to see Moses and the children … what a wonderful young man he is, his teachers and his mother, too!  There is a food shortage and prices are rising so much … going to be hard times ahead for all there. We are so blessed to have what we have here.”

This little girl and her friends raised money to help the children in Africa.

A little girl at the door
Jennifer Karina Anderson and her friends gathered together enough money to feed our children for several weeks. She says, “It is such a relief to know that they will be taken care of for a bit anyway while we search for a long term solution.”

Her young friend, a 10 year old girl, raised funds for us!

Jennifer wrote: “So I am sitting at home, shedding tears over the orphans in Uganda, when a young girl comes to my door just now with a box filled with $53 she and her friends raised today washing cars to help the children in Africa. True Story. Amazing.”

We are so touched that this beautiful little girl would help our children.  She is a special gift to us.

Jennifer has been selling her art and having garage sales to raise money for the Hands of Action orphanage.

Jennifer says, “I am trying to raise funds to help Moses with more mosquito nets and food. I am also over half way to my goal of raising start up funds to begin a women’s jewelry making microenterprise there! Things are progressing, but the needs are too great.”

These girls are eating beans and posho, made from maize sent by Jennifer Karina Anderson and her friends.


Thank you to Jennifer and her friends!


Let me first pray for our friends

These acts of kindness remind me of this verse in the Bible….

For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.– Matthew 25:35.

Rachel Caddell, Hannah Daltrop, Jennifer Karina Anderson, Deb McGregor and Ann Rich – thank you for obeying God’s word of feeding the hungry. We love you all for what you did for us!

We are actively seeking long term solutions to our situation, but any and all donations will go a long way towards helping us in this difficult time.

Do you know that you can feed 180 children for an entire week for only $80 – $100?  Can you help these innocent fatherless and motherless children?  Please contact Moses for information on how to donate at .


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2 Responses to Helping Hands – Friends send food

  1. ann rich says:

    thanking you for doing this beautiful artical.. to show the love for others .. i am so humbled to be able to do a little for these wonderful children who deserve to be loved .and caredfor ..i look forward to seeing them again at the end of the year . god bless them all and all who take care of them . thank you dear Moses … and all your team with out you they have nothing … love you all xxxx

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Ann, for all that you do. Moses and I want to show appreciation for you and the other good people who have been so caring.

    Please take many photos during your visit there and tell us about the children!

    Marcia (Admin)

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