Please sponsor this child!

Dorcus Nambozo, 17 years old, and her new baby are in need of sponsorship

In mid-November,  a tearful teenager, Dorcus Nambozo, knocked on the door of the Global Outreach Uganda /Hands of Action Uganda offices. With her was her three-month-old son.   

Aged just 17, Dorcus is in a desperate position. Once a promising student, she’d dreamed of becoming a nurse, or a journalist. Now with an infant to take care of, those dreams were dashed. 

Dorcus has a plan to provide for herself and her baby – but she is in need of sponsorship to help her get her life back on track.

This is her story:

Dorcus was raised in a poor home, but thanks to the generosity of a local councilor, Mr. John Nabende, she’d been able to continue her education through secondary school.  Then she discovered she was expecting a baby.

On hearing his daughter was seven months pregnant, Dorcus’s father chased her from home. Her mother had already left the family, when Dorcus was only one. And now Dorcus’s 18-year-old boyfriend – the father of her child – turned his back on her, and ran off. 

Dorcus took shelter with her grandmother, who is herself so poor that she cannot even afford the cost of paraffin to light a lamp at night. Despite this, she took the young mother in, and she wants to keep helping.

Dorcus knows the best way and only hope is to take a training course that will help her find a job to support her child and her grandmother. She wants to do an accredited Nursery Teaching course, starting in 2012. Dorcus’s grandmother will take care of the baby while Dorcus is studying. This is a two-year course, consisting of six semesters. Each semester costs $250.  

It’s the pathway to a better life, for Dorcus, her grandmother and the new baby.

Can you help? Donations large and small are welcome and urgently needed.

Please contact Moses at the Hands of Action Uganda office,

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  1. The story is really heartbreaking but bravo to Dorcus that she is fighting for her baby. We are all beside Dorcus and wish her success in life.

    Families for Survival UK

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