Hands of Action Uganda launches program to
give dairy goats to needy families

We all know the old saying that begins, if you give a man a fish, you can feed him for a day.  But if you teach a man how to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime.

But in Bukibokolo … the fish are goats!

Hands of Action Uganda from Ridealist Productions on Vimeo.

We believe giving people ownership of income generating projects will promote long term self-reliance and sustainability, breaking the cycle of poverty and aid-dependency. Giving people the tools they need to do this is just one of the projects initiated by the Uganda-based Randa United Farmers Group.

We will provide dairy goats and farming equipment to the most needy households in the region.  We have identified the 150 most vulnerable households. With their dairy goats and basic farm tools, they can begin to earn a living. They’ll share their produce and pass on baby goats through a breeding program to the second tier of 300 households, and so on.

RUFG is assisting the local community deal with a raft of problems: the aftermath of devastating landslides in 2010 that killed more than 350 people; a HIV/AIDS epidemic that has created a generation of young orphans, education, and health care issues related to chronic poverty.

But we cannot do this without help.  We are actively looking for international partners who can contribute to help us achieve our ambitions.

Please help us make a difference. Visit us on Facebook and our website.

Animation designed by Marcia Bujold Design. The video is a Ridealist production.

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  1. Indy says:

    Sondus great to me BWTHDIK

  2. OTIM Richard says:


    Just got into this site and I realize it is a really, really good work. I am a journalist working with the Daily Monitor in Teso.

    I have been to Bududa before but didn’t get to know such a wonderful CBO like Hands for Action exists.A lot more organizations such as this exit out there but for many years have been left out in the “cold” by the main stream media in Uganda.

    You and many others are doing a very good job that needs to be brought into light for others too to see. It is for this that I am developing a forum for Citizen Journalism where communities in Uganda can interact and have their voices heard.

    By end of March, 2012 the website will be running. It is meant to a not for profit media enterprise targeting rural interventions. Advocacy for effective change is our key objective and would like you to join us.

    We shall be very grateful.for your partnership with us and look forward to further communication.



    • Mukhobeh says:

      Dear Richard, this is really a pleasure to have you pushing this for local people like us to be hard, when you check the Paper there is no developmental ideas its only with full of Politics. But if you can work together to promote this idea you will be really bring life and development not only in us but worldwide as you know the Journalist is an eye for the Nation and world as a whole. Thanks for the call i am looking forward to working together for development


    • Mukhobeh Moses says:

      Hello Richard kindly can i here from you this is my telephone 0773 097171

  3. Evans Wafula says:

    I am a reporter for Signal Fm a local radio station based in Mbale Town and have been doing some environmental stories bat landed on this web site while trying to research on Bugisu Region I like the job you are doing for us bat wonder why you are doing it silently.
    Alot has been spoken and a lot has been done bat the residents within river manafwa and the road to Mbale Town are still cutting off almost the entire historical features set by the late Kakungulu Political influence is said to be fueling the damage the more.
    I have tried running few stories on the issue bat due to the power of leader ship the politicians are overpowering the fight bat hope still does exist if you and the like of you can join hands with Media in fighting this war I hope with the efforts put in this fight the inhuman act shall be stopped .
    By: Wafula Evans

  4. Itieku Felista says:

    am so happy to have come across this article because am a student purchasing an industrial and fine art course in Makerere university (Magaratte Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts),am dealing on a project on ART AND FORESTRY,it has some thing to deal with using art to potray the need for trees and how to do it.any more information will be of great use ,thank you.

  5. Moses says:

    Hello Itieku Felista,

    I am happy to reach to us, let me know which Information you need it in Particular Thanks you can get more on the following,

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